Utisca was a scholarly place during the reign of the Rhoan Dynasty. a large college was built to study academia and the arcane. Court Wizards would be trained and learn here before travelling the Empire to assist local Viceroys and Barons.

After the collapse, that slightly changed. The Wizard’s College still remains, though it has become a private institution. Large tuition costs dissuade most of the applicants from traveling and learning here at the College but it is renowned for it’s able and powerful graduates. Many kings and queens rely on Wizards once taught here.

Times are growing increasingly tough for Utisca though, less and less people enlist at the College, and with trade decreasing due to Rogusan and Abredorian trade alliances, Utisca has begun to become desperate. The ruling Houses see themselves above the common folk, with their abundance of learning, education, and magic, and have lashed out, pushing into the sea trade scene, attempting to push out Rogusan tradeships. Lately, they’ve been muscling in on Brao, attempting to extort some kind of trade deal, by blocking most trade traffic south.



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