Twilight of the Old Gods


There came a time when the Old Gods died! The brave died with the cunning! The noble perished, locked in battle with the unleashed evil! The final moment came with the fatal release of indescribable power which tore the world asunder. From ashes arose the New Gods, the power of creation and destruction was no longer held within the hands of a few mighty beings but spread across hundreds of thousands of heroes and villains reborn in the fires of ragnarok.

The Champions of Ragnarok and the People of the Realm

The mighty champions that survived ragnarok were embued with the power of the gods. The children of these demi-gods received a portion of their power and so-on and so on till the present day. Today the power of divine bloodlines has waned considerably. At their most powerful, the divine champions exist as ancestor spirits able to communicate in cryptic messages to their antecedents and followers. The weakest bloodlines lie fallow and forgotten. At worst, bloodlines become corrupted and great and terrible beasts are unleashed on the realm.

One of the most well known and powerful of the Champions is Prophet Themis. His first act as a new god was to create the renewed concordant, a new convenant between the divine champions and mortals.

Divine Bloodlines

There are innumerable divine bloodlines that exist today but all of them can trace their line to the Old Gods who perished in the final battle. While almost anyone in the realm can trace a lineage to the ragnarok event, only a few manifest a divine spark that manifests as supernatural power.

Ancestor spirits maintain their connection to the mortal realm through veneration. The prevailing thought in the realm is that by giving offerings and acting in accordance to the ancestor spirit’s wishes that the worshipper is granted favours by the power of the spirit. This form of worship is easier to conduct when the ancestor had laid down rules prior to passing on. For more obscure bloodlines, supplicants often fumble and perform outlandish deeds in order to win favour from their ancestors with mixed results. The most powerful ancestor spirits are able to possess an antecedent and make their wishes known through prophecy and omens.

The Ancient Covenant and the Renewed Concordant

The last reminder of the old gods are is the ancient covenant written along the walls of the ivory spire outlining the divine laws of the people. Today the location of the ivory spire is lost but the people of the realms carry translated copies of the Concordant.

Twilight of the Old Gods

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