The Rhoan Dynasty

After Ragnarok, the world was devastated, millions had died, entire cities and countries completely wiped out. People began rallying around The Champions of Ragnarok, the survivors strong-willed enough to be imbued with the cast off divine energies and live.

Small kingdoms began re-emerging, ruled by a Champion, or others which saw the mistake that was Ragnarok and swore off all of the divinely gifted. Wars and conflicts inevitably broke out, leading to alliances or treaties, which led to a near perpetual state of war. This went on for over 1200 years, as various alliances crumbled, fell apart and were reborn as wars progressed and were lost or won over the centuries.

Tavo Rhoa, a general of great renown overthrew his corrupt King in a military coup. He swore to bring about peace and prosperity to the region, and an end to the perpetual war plaguing it. This resonated with the common people, long sick of food being rationed and children or relatives marching off to die in a war far from home. Rebellions sprung up in several countries to support him, overthrowing their corrupt tyrants and allying with Rhoa. In a matter of decades, he had joined together the shattered remains of the heart of The Eradin Empire, birthing The Rhoan Dynasty.

The Rhoan Dynasty spread throughout the world, reclaiming the old borders of the Eradin Empire, and pushing beyond it, expanding into new territories and establishing colonies. Tavo Rhoa III, established The Keepers in secret, an organization to ensure the integrity of the realm, and ensure nothing as calamitous as The Ragnarok ever happened again.

The Rhoan Dynasty reigned supreme for 600 years, peacefully and without major incident, until calamity struck the capital, fracturing the dynasty, it’s new territories and colonies abandoned as it recoiled and focused all its attention at the heart of the Empire.

The Rhoan Dynasty

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