The Oura and the Mastix

The Oura and Mastix are each a race of reptilian humanoids, very closely related but distinctly different both physically and culturally.

The Oura were several tribes that left their ancestral jungle homes and traveled inland hundreds of years ago, settling in the great desert after crossing the large mountain range. Pushed out by war and the arrival of the Sha’etemmu necromancers, they chose relocation over war. They stand roughly 5 feet tall, covered in various hues of scales, and appear to be very agile and cunning.

They roam the desert as nomads in large families, large beasts of burden dragging their supplies and dwellings. They have mapped out the desert oases and migrate in a vast circle of the desert. Little to no bloodshed exists between the bands of nomads as most disagreements are settled diplomatically.

The Mastix were the tribes that remained in the jungles. Defeated by the necromancers ever-growing army of undead, they were subjugated. Forced to become servants, laborers and subjects for gruesome experiments. Many have and continue to escape these circumstances, fleeing either into the jungle or over the mountains into the desert to live with their Oura cousins. Raised and bred as slaves for physical prowess and docility, they are much larger, standing nearly 6 to 7 feet tall, incredibly strong, though not incredibly intelligent.

The freed Mastix of the jungles roam in packs. Led by the strongest group member, following his orders until he is challenged and defeated. They often raid the coastal Human villages for food and weapons, they lead a war-filled existence. Others attempt to assimilate into Oura tribes kind enough to let them into their ranks.

The Oura and the Mastix

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