The Keepers

History of the Keepers

Formation during The Rhoan Dynasty
Tavo Rhoa, the first Emperor of the Rhoan Dynasty looked back through the history since the collapse, and knew that should his empire fall, would leave to turmoil similar to the fall of the Eradin Empire. He gathered several heads of organizations that had worked through the turmoil, attempting to restore peace.

With this leaders, he founded the Keepers. Their goal was to never let something as catastrophic as the destruction at the end of the Eradin Empire happen again. They were mandated to operate in secret, to stabilize the country, and research and gather the dangerous artifacts of the old Eradin age.

After The Collapse
The Collapse has fractured the Keepers. Regional headquarters have lost contact with the capital as the turmoil in the has left many of the colonies and border areas to their own fate. Many of the Keeper cells have needed to restructure and depend solely on themselves, as their funding and equipment shipments have ceased as the Rhoan Dynasty fractures.

Scholastic Orders within The Keepers

The Quill
The Keepers of the Quill search the region, tracking down powerful, ancient artifacts and spells that they deem could help the The Keepers in their mission to protect and stabilize the area. They go on long expeditions, exploring ruins and uninhabited regions looking for ancient Eradin ruins to scour.

The Tome
The Keepers of the Tome are responsible for researching and housing the ancient magicks and artifacts of the Eradin Empire. The mainly believe that these powerful spells and items should be kept secret, and hidden away from the common man and the power hungry, lest another cataclysm somehow be unleashed.

Militant Orders within The Keepers

The Sword
Keepers of the Sword are the most aggressive, overt of the agents within The Keepers. They believe that the largest threat to the stability of the region can be solved by removing it before it becomes a problem. They patrol Thesta, destroying monsters or bandit camps, assaulting strongholds to seize arcane artifacts deemed dangerous and other military actions.

The Shield
Keepers of the Shield are the opposite of the Sword, vowing to protect what is important within Thesta. Stability must be protected at all costs, while the Sword attacks and kills, the Shield protects that which could help The Keeprs. They Guard key vaults, locations, kings, queens and nobles important to the stability of the region.

Diplomatic Orders within The Keepers

The Dagger
Keepers of the Dagger operate in the deepest, darkest shadows within society. They gather their information from a massive network of cutpurses, thieves, spies and other criminal elements. The Rose may deal with assassinations of reputation, the Dagger deal in the literal kind. Disappearing, assassinating or orchestrating “accidents” to neutralize a threat, they are the most secretive and dangerous of the orders.

The Rose
Keepers of the Rose operate in the highest courts throughout Thesta. Courtiers and other agents rub elbows with Kings, Queens, and Barons on a regular basis, weaving the twists and turns of courtly scandal and intrigue to gather their information and leverage. Most of their work is bloodless, but they are often ruthless in destroying careers and reputations in pursuit of their end goals.

The Seventh
Very little is known of this faction within the Keepers, with the six orders potentially being able to be divided evenly should some kind of conflict arise, the Keepers created the Seventh Order, led by a senior Commander. That person alone prevents such divisiveness by being the deciding vote. The Seventh’s agents watch The Keepers internally, rooting out corruption, dissent and treachery. Agents are recruited in secret, either from inside other orders, or from outside The Keepers themselves.

Charhelm, Stronghold of The Keepers

Charhelm is the headquarters of The Keepers in Thesta. A massive fortress rebuilt over the melted remains of a Eradin ruin, nearly 300 years ago. It’s located in a remote valley, deep in the mountains. The mountain pass is frequently impassable due to severe weather and massive drifts of snow. It can house the entire Keeper organization, some 1000 agents, though it operates on a much smaller skeleton crew at most times.

The main level houses the armories, barracks, training grounds, mess halls, and other rooms needed for the day to day operation of Charhelm. The second levels consists of vast libraries and archives of orders, requisition requests, intelligence and other documents to be stored. It’s also home to The Dagger and The Rose, and their leadership. The highest level of Charhelm is home to The Seven and the Lord Commander. There, the leadership of The Keeper decides, debates and votes on strategy, disseminating their orders to the agents and region leaders below them.

The vaults of Charhelm lie beneath the castle. Housing ancient relics, statues and magicks of both the Eradin Empire and Rhoan Dynasty. The Pen and The Tome reside here, as the dutiful custodians. Even deeper below Charhelm is The Pool. A large water-filled room, shaped like the realm of Thesta. Blood red candles. float and bob in the water, moving of their own volition, each one made with a drop of a specific agent’s blood. Augurs watch the Candles, reporting on their movement and whereabouts, as well as the the unfortunate eventuality of one of the candles flickering out.

The Keepers

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