The Eradin Empire

The Eradites were a peaceful, inquisitive people. They lived in a small city in a nondescript kingdom. They were diligent in their research of mysticism and arcane magicks, and ignored any expansive or conquest ambitions.

They made amazing breakthroughs, making war automatons powered and armed with powerful magic, their city’s walls were warded with protective runes, and lands were blessed to have bountiful crops or yields.

People and countries flocked to the Eradites for their aid, eventually forming what would become to be called the Eradin Empire. The empire grew and grew, commonly through peaceful means, integrating the new regions peacefully, but in rare cases when the Eradites needed a key element or magic locus in the area and were denied, they would march in their war golems to take it.

The Eradites continued their research, becoming more and more obsessed with unlocking the secrets and powers of all creation. This led to ruin, during The Grand Experiment, what would later be called Ragnarok, there were cataclysmic consequences.

The power of the Gods was ripped from the heavens, plunged down into the Eradite Empire capital. It killed millions as the shock wave blasted outwards for hundreds of miles, snuffing out all life by the sheer, overwhelming power. As the shock wave continued to move across the Empire, it slowly lost power, being absorbed by distant survivors, creating the Bloodlines revered today. As it spread however, it began to twist and become malformed, absorbing into animals, creatures, and corpses, twisting them into dangerous abberations, undead, and monstrous creatures we know today.

The Eradin Empire

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