The Corsair Trading Company

Led by the famed “Blood Eye” Blairmoor, The Red Corsairs had a reputation as efficient, successful pirates. Recently, with Blairmoor’s new legitimacy and knighted status, they’ve changed into the Corsair Trading Company.

Count Blairmoor, formerly Blood-Eye Blairmoor


Blairmoor was the leader of the Red Corsairs. Named after a blood-red crystal stabbed into his skull were his left eye should be. Though an intimidating nickname, Blairmoor prides himself on being a gentleman. Where he has born, or how he had a length of crystal embedded into his face is unknown, as he often tells numerous, often times conflicting tales of were he come from or how he got it.

With the Keepers assistance, he has become a landed noble of Brao, married the Countess, now Lady Markessel, after he subtly poisoned her mother. Blairmoor and his wife were lucky to have twin girls, who are now young toddlers. He’s handed the leadership of the The Red Corsairs to his 2nd in command, Margereth.

Margereth The Merry


Margereth The Merry was Blairmoor’s 2nd in command, now taking up the role of leader of the Red Corsairs as Blairmoor begins his semi-legitimate career as a nobleman.

Fond of drink, songs and dancing, she is perpetually cheerful, even when fighting or killing. She seems to attract mischief and delights in causing controversy. Rumors have Blairmoor winning her to his side with a song and a dance, after she boarded his vessel while his crew slept.

She is now the leader of the newly minted Corsair Trading Company, changing the Red Corsairs from a ragtag fleet of pirates and privateers into a successful fleet of merchants and couriers. With old contacts within the privateers, and new contracts courtesy of Blairmoor’s landed status, has led to the Trading Company becoming one of the largest merchant fleets in the southern seas.

Fightin’ Fredrich


Fredrich is the newest captain within the Red Corsairs, being with the privateers for only a couple years. He was promoted by Bloodeye after a run in with rival pirates in a Rogusan port after Fredrich fought off 5 of the attackers singlehandedly. A strict captain during sailing, he expects his crew to adhere to his rigorous rules and regulations.

Fredrich was injured during the undead raid on Highwater, which seemed to change him as a person. He left the Red Corsairs shortly after his recovery, joined the Braoite Navy, rising in the ranks through the years, becoming a Rear Admiral recently.

Beth the Blade


Bladed Beth is the 3rd captain of The Red Corsairs, and the 3rd in command of the fleet. An expert swordswoman and fighter, she is legendary within the fleet for her fighting and dueling ability. Rumors of her past are an often discussed topic within The Red Corsairs. Stories of a her being a pit fighter, gladiator, or noble-born princess on a quest for revenge are common drinking tales.

She has recently left the Red Corsairs, now the Corsair Trading Company and joined the Palace Guard after the disaster at Highwater. She was a competent guard, eventually being promoted to Queen Cilla’s personal bodyguard.

The Corsair Trading Company

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