Slate and His Crew

The party’s former rival. Slate is an experienced Keeper agent. He is pragmatic, and efficient, he’s fostered a large group of contacts and informants throughout Thesta. He usually travels in the company of his select, hand-picked crew.

A shadowy, robed figure. Adept in the schools of Wizardry. He is Slate’s trusted council on political and diplomatic matters. Adept at the art of conversation, he rarely mentions anything personal about himself. Rumored to have been expelled from the Wizard’s College of Utisca.

Fess is a master tracker and the wilderness guide of the group when their journeys take them away from the cities. She feels uncomfortable in doors, preferring to stay outside where she can see the stars instead of a seedy tavern. She is polite and soft spoken, only lively joining conversations if it pertains to the outdoors or her trade.

The muscle of the group. Ihwan is horribly scarred and disfigured, quiet and patient in demeanor, but is not hesitant to take a life. He follows Slate faithfully, protecting him and serving him to his utmost. He won’t speak of it, but there is some debt between Ihwan and Slate, Ihwan feels he owes Slate greatly.

Slate and His Crew

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