Rustavi is an interesting and fabled place. Most of the large region is a vast desert, filled with the ruins of long lost Eradin Empire cities or facilities. Nomadic savages, and other strange sentient creatures travel and migrate across the sands, moving from oasis to oasis. The riches of these ruins are enough to convince merchants, Keepers, and Kings to fund expeditions of brave explorers to travel to these ruins, returning with ancient magic and fabulous relics.

The rest of the region is far darker. Over the mountains in the south, there is a dense, deadly jungle, ruled by sects of necromancers. They prey on the coastal natives and other beings of the jungle, raiding in the nights with their undead minions to drag away captives for their dark magics and experiments.

Isle of Druids

The large isle lies just off the coast. It’s a safe, peaceful place free of the dreaded monsters and necromancers of the jungles of the mainland. It’s overseen by a large coalition of Druids, striving for a perfect balance of nature, protecting the flora and fauna from any darker, greedy outside influences.


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