“Everything has a price.”

During the times of the Rhoan Dynasty, Rogusa was a populous place. Full of dozens of shipping and trading companies, devouted to brining trade to and from the dynasty.

The collapse of the Dynasty hit them hard, trade seemingly evaporated overnight, expenses and costs piled up, as gold coming in fell short. Many of the the trading companies turned to piracy, waylaying meager ships sailing the Thestan Sea for gold and supplies. On the islands themselves, turf wars, backroom dealings, and gang warfare erupted.

This lasted for nearly 50 years before the great three families began to emerge from the violence and begin taking control of separate islands. With the power consolidated, the violence subsided, as the gangs and pirates began turning to other incomes, charging protection money for safe passage, holding goods and people as ransom.

This eventually created the Rogusa we know today. The three families now each rule their own isle, with Thraben, an enormous, populous neutral city at the center. The families have transitioned into legitimate and semi-legitimate businesses. Large banking houses, warehouses and vast trading networks cover the country, while smaller outposts exist in almost every city across Thesta. Though there still exists a darker side, as many groups within the families continue providing illicit services. Smuggling, murderers for hire, trafficking in slaves, narcotics and even Eradin artifacts abound in this black market.


A giant city covering an entire island near the center of Rogusa. The lowest, outer ring holds the diverse markets, warehouses, docks and the seedier parts of the city. The city rises, built on a hill, and as you travel towards the central hilltop palaces, the city becomes more and more prestigious and livable.

The Three Great Families

They control the eastern, largest island. Far larger than the other islands, but it contains a small mountain range, limiting the available and arable space.

This family controls the far western island, small and the furthest from Thraben, other families see the Malatesta as secretive and suspicious.

The large central island, and smaller island to the north belong to the Bentivoglio. They currently are the strongest family, though only by a small margin.


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