Nisida was famed before the collapse for it’s Sabra, a spiced fortified wine. Made from wine grapes grown in their unique volcanic soil, then fermented with unique berries and herbs collected from the larger island.

The collapse hit Nisida two-fold. The trade routes collapsed, crippling the wine industry that the country relied on. The greater tragedy occurred a year later, the volcano, long thought dormant, erupted violently. The gases and smoke rained down on the city killing hundreds, many fled the island taking whatever boats or rafts the could before the lava slowly flowed down the mountain destroying the city and any unfortunate soul left in Valinslad.

The survivors colonized the main island, long uninhabited due to the creatures and violent natives rife throughout it and the harsh landscape. Often hammered by ocean storms causing torrential rains and flooding, the swamps and marshes proving difficult to cultivate and build on.

All is not lost, for the people of New Valinslad have once again begin brewing the famed Sabra. They import the grapes from Kentau, unable to grow their own, but they have much easier access to the berries and herbs needed for the brewing process.

New Valinslad

The Isles of Nightmares

The small island was once the home of the original Valinsad before the terrible nature disaster covered most of the isand in magma, drowning the city.

Recently, after the defeat of Vistahd. His undead energies, magnified by the divine blood he had been feasting on exploded outwards raising the thousands of dead as charred skeletons and spirits. It now acts as a focal point for undead and foul beasts, as they journey to the terrifying island.


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