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History & Religion

The Old Gods and Divine Bloodlines

Twilight of the Old Gods, Divine Bloodlines

The Fallen Empires

The Eradin Empire & The Rhoan Dynasty

The New Age of Independence

Blood and Power
Great Northern Crusade


The Northern & Central Mainland

Ale-Alatau, Javashi, Karabakh, Ruvergne, Santonge, Taymyr

The Central Islands

Brao, Burano, Kentau, Nisida, Rogusa, Utisca

The Southern Mainland

Abredor, Elsburg, Lanudox, Retzlund, Skana, Rustavi


Friendly to the Keeper Agents

The Keepers, Slate and His Crew

Neutral to the Keeper Agents

The Corsair Trading Company

Hostile to the Keeper Agents

The Corpsetakers, Sha’Etemmu, The Red Network

Races & Ethnicities

Balwandar, Bog Lords, The Oura and the Mastix

Main Page

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