While part of the Rhoan Dynasty, Lanudox was the first stop into the new colony of Thesta after the large spice markets of Ruvergne, and served as a barracks for the famed Golden Legion. It attracted many pilgrims from the Empire, scared of the vast unknown they settled somewhere safe and familiar, protected by the Golden Legion.

After The Collapse, many Empire citizens fleeing from other cities and regions throughout Thesta found their way to Lanudox. They settled in the city, adamant that the Empire would stabilize and return Thesta to order. This quickly grew over the years into a cult-like following. The newer generation believing the Empire and it’s Emperor were divine, and would be arriving when the time was right.


The capitol of Lanudox resides on the largest hill within the country.

The Golden Legion


When the Rhoan Dynasty was in its prime, the Golden Legion numbered 100,000 men, stationed in barracks and fortresses across the Empire. They were tasked with patrolling the Gilded Roads, large trade roads that led from the borders of the Empire all the way back to the capital.

Now, some 100 years after the collapse of the Rhoan Dynasty, the Golden Legion is a shadow of it’s former self. Cut off from the rest of the Empire, Thesta’s contingent of Golden Legionaries numbers only 1500 soldiers. They are stationed in Lanudox, in a large barracks just outside the capital of Hillgarde.

They take their ancient duty seriously, patrolling the Gilded Road throughout Thesta, protecting Imperial Emissaries as they journey throughout the realm.


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