Great Northern Crusade

The Great Northern Crusade
The Northern Crusade’s foundations lay in the Taymyrish Restoration. Thornwall was gifted several automatons, ancient Eradin golems of incredible strength and fortitude. Initially, Taymyr had thoughts of using them as soldiers, but with so few, and such a large amount of land to cover, they provided to be ineffective.

What truly set them apart was works of labour. Taymyrish general quickly realized that the automatons would work tirelessly, without complaint, mistake or accident. They follow instructions precisely. In a matter of months, Thornwall, once an ancient Rhoan fortress, now a deprecated, crumbling ruin, was returned to its former glory.

With Thornwall restored, they set out on creating border keeps and way stations across the border with Ale-Alatau, after that the began setting up vital war infrastructure. Digging mines, quarries, and lumberyards. All of these facilities required manpower, and Taymyr officially recalled the great Mercenary Companies home.

Wizard College Explosion & Utiscan Revolution
On an early spring day, with no forewarning of any kind, the Wizard’s College in Utisca exploded. The entire campus was consumed in a purple ball of fire, leaving a massive empty crater, the explosion sendt flaming debris hundreds of metres in every direction, causing further, sporadic fires throughout the capital city of Rovena. Theories and rumors as to how this happen continue to be talked about, but no one, not even the Keepers know exactly what occurred to cause this tragedy.

The peasants and commonfolk injured and killed in the blast, protested against the noble Wizard Houses of the country. Spurred on by Skanite democratic “propaganda” and the recent tragedy led to a massive revolution. Equality for all was the motto of the revolution, magic of all kinds was outlawed, hundreds of nobles and wizards were tried and found guilty, punished with long prison terms or executed. Many noble houses who had fled early into the uprising were luckily sparred from the headsman’s axe, but were forced into the life of exiles.

Once the dust settled, Utisca had been reborn as a People’s Republic. Every citizen was deemed equal, no longer dependent on wealth, status or noble birth. Industries throughout the nation were nationalized, as well as a significant growth in their military, explained away as a deterrent should the old wizard masters attempt to seize control again. Spies and informants are commonplace through the country now, actively rooting out foreign agents and hunting for rogue magic users. Because of this, the Keeper presence within the country has been greatly diminished, bordering on collapse.

Karabakh Powderkeg
Karabakh has always had a tense atmosphere within the country. Locals are poorly paid and poorly treated by foreign companies harvesting the resource rich country. With the Crusade fully underway, demand for resources has sky rocketed. This has led to unrealistically high quotas being pushed onto the workers, with more and more work hours demanded of them. This general mistreatment, paired with Skanan ambassadors speaking of a nation ruled by the common people for the people has erupted into massive strikes and protests throughout the country. Talk of revolution and uprising is commonplace, as is the protests being brutally put down by company sellswords.

Skanan Blockade
After the bloody revolution of Utisca, the large amount of worker strikes throughout Karabakh, and a large increase in Skanan propoganda, several countries decided to react. Elsburg, Abredor and Retzlund all cooperatively decided to blockade the nation, preventing anymore agents from spreading more and more unrest throughout the region. Skana sees this as an assault on their sovereignty as all land trade has been effectively stopped, causing a large amount of economic strain and food shortages. Utisca, now a loyal ally of Skana, is the only thing keeping it afloat, as it transports trade goods and food over a much longer, and more expensive, but crucial sea trade route.

Relations between Retzlund and Skana are especially bad, as border skirmishes and raids between the two nations have become increasingly commonplace. Elsburg and Abredor have attempted to be the voice of reason, but with their attention drawn to the Crusade and internal matters, the situation has quickly spiraled out of control and war looks to be inevitable.

Lanudoxan Occupation of Ruvergne
After Lanudox personnel rescued the Keeper agent, and discovered that he had been across the vast desert and successfully visited the Empire. The nation was ecstatic, finally confirmation had come that the Empire remained and preparations had to be made. What the half-mad Keeper told them is unknown, but he was successfully rescued from the Lanudoxan authorities but not before the agent was compromised. Whatever was learned however, led to a massive conscription of soldiers through the nation as Lanudox quickly whipped together an invasion force.

They marched into Ruvergne, meeting only token resistance, easily seizing the countryside and laying siege to Skarin. One of the city-gangs within, hearing opportunity knocking, cut a deal with the Lanudoxan forces, securing a gate and letting the foreign army in to take the city. The occupation has had issues, as Lanudox officials and governors unfamiliar with the region are easily swindled, while others, with a new found love of decadency are easily bribed and corrupted. They large city-gangs still remain and operate, though much more covertly, and with a smaller amount of men.

Militarization of New Valinslad & The Isle of Nightmares
After the defeat of Vistahd, and the released divine energies created the Isle of Nightmares, New Valinslad saw a rush of activity. Keeper agents, along with several legitimate mercenary companies were dispatched to blockade the island. Bankrolled by several of the island nations, Valinslad is now the first line of defense against the roving undead. Much like in Taymyr in the past, New Valinslad has become a city and nation constantly at war.

The Isle of Nightmares itself is a terrifying place. Keeper expeditions and raids to recover the God Stones proved unsuccessful, as the location they were left at was found empty. Reports of the undead acting methodically and with purpose are common, though no necromancer or other undead leader has been seen. Other reports read of undead floating or walking ashore, covered in seaweed or barnacles, as if drawn to the island itself. The dreaded Corpsetaker pirates are also said to call this island home.

Partisan Politics within Elsburg & Brao
After Therus’ rightful return to the throne of Elsburg, and the brutal undead raid on Brao which left King Rochus dead, many people’s thoughts turned to the future. Cilla Stendahl now rules Brao, while her son, and now rightful heir rules Elsburg. Several crown loyalists have brought up the idea of unification, as eventually Therus or his children will rule both kingdoms.

This has caused a large divide in both nations, as a large portion of the population values their independence, and have argued that the two royal lines should be seperated. The war, and many battles and deaths on both sides very recently have made this a much fought over topic. Other current events such as the Skanan Blockade and Northern Crusade have made the political landscape hostile.

Great Northern Crusade

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