Before the Collapse, Elsburg was the crown jewel of the region for the Empire, the terminus for the long land trade route as well as strategically placed in the south to protect overseas trade coming into the region. It grew prosperous, drawing a large population of ambitious people to the region, merchant houses springing up and businesses flourishing.

The Collapse hit Elsburg hard, the imperial officers fled the country, with large sums of gold, leaving a large power vacuum in the province. Anarchy gripped the country for several months before a garrison commander, managed to restore order to the capital city. With the city secure, he began spreading throughout the kingdom with his army, crushing bandits and other holdouts before a couple years later, he crowned himself King Agnar. He created the royal bloodline of the Agnarsens, as each predecessor would carry his name.


The capital city of the old Imperial Office, and the new capital of Elsburg. It’s divided into four bouroughs. The first, Old Sturgart is at the center of the city. The old offices, buildings and fortress of The Rhoan Dynasty are now home to the Agnarsen royal family, House of Lords and other nobles and merchants of high positions. Eastwharf, holds the major docks, warehouses, tradehouses and other trade or industry in the city. It is a bustling district, the majority of Sturgart’s day to day business is conducted here in the vast markets just steps from the ships unloading their wares. Westridge is the newest area of the city. It was recently built, after many new inhabitants flocked to the city in search of jobs, wealth and opportunity. An incredibly diverse area of recent immigrants and their homes, people from all around Thesta can be found here. Temple Hill is the northern part of the city. Named after the large and small temples to ancient bloodlines that cover the hill. Home to most of the middle class, as large residential areas surround the hill.

Dragonspan Bridge

An enormous bridge spanning the gap between Elsburg and Skana. A testament to the engineering of The Rhoan Dynasty, it is an amazing marvel of the realm. Dozens of merchants and traders ply their wares from stalls lining the bridge, turning it into massive market.

The Lakelands

A large expanse of plains, with giant lakes occupy the northern portion of the country. The country’s breadbasket, it has lush, fertile soil for crops to easily grow. Though the region is not without detriment. It is prone to spring flooding, as the snows melt and swells the rivers.


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