Before the collapse, Brao was a small island district within the Empire, providing mostly timber, fish and other maritime products to the vast imperial trade networks. The Stendahl family were appointed Viceroy of the Brao Islands, and were diligent in meeting their tax and goods quotas throughout the days of the Empire.

After the collapse of the Empire, times were turbulent. The vast trade networks had collapsed, piracy ruled the seas as desperate merchantmen turned to crime and A mad king, obsessed with the Eradin Empire and their artifacts ruled the country.

Recent events were bittersweet within the country. Their beloved king and his family murdered and the capital sacked by Vistahd and his undead legion’s raid. But the country has prospered in the years following, ships and the country’s lumber are in high demand due to the Crusade in the north. Politics and opinion with Brao have become quite polarizing, many pushing to merge Brao and Elsburg into one country, as Therus is the current heir for both kingdoms, with other people demanding that Brao remain independent, and a new lineage or king be sought.

The Skanite Blockade has added even more tension, with many commoners and working folk finding purpose in the democratic message being filtered out of the blockaded country.


The capital city of Brao is located in a large cliffside bay. It’s divided into 3 main districts, The Docks, which house the large harbours and wharfs, and most of the cities industry, as well as hovel and shanty homes of the poor. Cliffside, the main residential area of the city is a built on a large tiered steep hill, with markets, storefronts and most of the homes of the city’s residents carved into the cliff. Large switchback paths crisscross up the hill, while other wooden freight elevators bring up food and supplies from the docks below. Last is, The Lookout, consisting of large noble estates, mercantile houses and Stendahl Castle. It resides at the top of the cliff, above the city, looking out on the sea and towards the coastal mainland.

The Embergem Mine

Formerly an abandoned mine and tiny island, home to a tragic accident many years ago, it has been reopened in a joint venture with Brao and Rogusa, becoming profitable once again. Hidden Keeper personnel are also working to catalogue and explore the Eradin ruins beneath it.

The Crown Timberlands

A vast forest covers most of Brao’s interior. Owned by the King, lumberyards and foresters must purchase parcels of forest from the Crown before any logging can be done. Most of the logging is restricted to the edges of the forest, as stories throughout the decades of bandits, bizarre creatures in the night, and missing loggers have dissuaded any explorations deep into the ancient woods.


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