Blood and Power

Elsburger Coup & Therus’ Return to Power

Isidor Agnarsen, uncle to the young king, Therus Agnarsen seized power in the coastal nation of Elsburg. The coup was relatively bloodless, as Isidor had leveraged his position as Regent to place his allies in key positions. It was only with the intervention of The Keepers in foiling the assassination attempt against Therus and his mother from being successful.

The Keepers chose to intervene, as Isidor was a power hungry, overly ambitious man. They assisted Therus in exile, operating out of Brao. They foiled various Elsburger plans, assisting Brao and gathering allies diplomatically. They eventually invaded the mainland with a loyal contingent of troops, landing in the southern area, gathering loyalists before marching on the capital.

With the help of a rogue Keeper, who changed allegiances, they avoided a bloody protracted siege, eliminating Isidor and learned of the puppet master behind the machinations and plans Isidor had set in place.

Vistahd’s Quest for Godhood & His Defeat

Vistahd was a centuries old vampire, his kind hunted nearly to extinction by the Rhoan Dynasty. He stayed in hiding for years, before stumbling upon in interesting benefit to vampirism. By feeding on someone with divine blood, Vistahd was able to capture and contain a small amount of that essence personally. After doing this for decades, he was on the very threshold of apotheosis.

The Keepers discovered ancient Eradin artifacts, used during Ragnarok to tear the Gods from the Heavens, that could be used to defeat him. Evidence in these ruins suggest that the process would be powerful, releasing a large amount of divine energy. Laying a cunning trap on the deserted island of Old Valinslad, and baiting the trap with the purest of bloodlines within key individuals they lured Vistahd in and slayed him.

Though successful, the divine energy within him collapsed and exploded, combining with his undead energy, covering the small island, the effect was monstrous. It raised thousands into undeath, giving birth to what is now called the Isle of Nightmares.

Blood and Power

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