Thesta: An Heir Denied

A Meeting in Brao.
Session 1: Campaign 1

The Keeper agents arrived in Brao to speak to Ansel Agnarsen, the King-in-exile’s new spymaster. He was briefed by the Keeper organization as to their overall purpose and mission, and met with them, letting them know what Brao and the King-in-exile needs to have any hope of reclaiming the throne.

Deciding to deal with the most urgent and pressing threats, the two pirate bands hired by a mysterious Mathias, they weaved and negotiated the Red Corsairs into a mutually fortuitous agreement. He would join Brao, along with his captains and crew in exchange for noble status, land and a marriage.

The other band was dealt with much more aggressively and overtly. They boarded the large man o’ war vessel, freeing their companion agents that had been captured leaving Elsburg, set it ablaze, stranding the pirate crew on the beach while they slipped away back to The King’s Gambit.

New Threats Emerge
Session 2: Campaign 1

The Keepers were once again briefed by the overworked and stressed spymaster, Ansel Agnarsen.

Mysterious ships had been sighted landing at the Ember Isle, home of the Ember Mine, a long abandoned gem mine and exploded catastrophically decades ago. Also, the new, and rapidly growing Brao army has angered the ruling nobles, as businesses reliant on workers are being lost to the army.

The trade situation continues to worsen, as Utisca, sensing weakness and noticing the divide between Elsburg and Brao, is once again attempting to strong-arm Brao into an unfair trade agreement. The heroes learned of the ambassador, Magister Legrand, had been collecting leverage and information on the seven lords currently holding seats in the House of Lords. Luckily, the heroes managed to convince the nobles, and prevent any blackmail or extortion attempts.

Lastly, they visited the Ember Isle, where they discovered Elsburgian agents training peasants in warfare, bribing the meager folk with food, wealth and a promise of adventure. They quickly dispatched the leaders of the movement, showing mercy on the townsfolk, and also discovered the true reason of the explosion. Fiery elementals, encased in magical crystal, constantly repairs by crystalline automatons.

Wedding Crashers
Session 3: Campaign 1

The heroes attended the wedding of “Bloodeye” Blairmoor and Countess Markessel, were they met several nobles as well as an ambassador from Lanudox, Ambassador Mathias, who happened to also be a Keeper agent, along with his bodyguard.

With Mathias’ help, they were smuggled into Utisca, past the recent blockade by both Utisca & Elsburg forces. At capital of Rovena, they were tasked by Blairmoor to break into the Menagerie of Magical Beasts within the Wizard’s College and steal the famed Coatl within, only to discover the Menagerie was a farce, created by cunning wizardy and illusory magics.

Their goal of lifting the blockade was hampered by the discovery of a Elsburg delegation, intent on cementing an alliance between the Elsbrug and Utisca, led by a Keeper who had forsaken her duties, Ambassador Sabine.

She orchestrated their demise, revealing their affiliations to Elsburg, outing them as spies, and killing a fellow Keeper in charge of the local safehouse. The heroes retaliated, kidnapping, interrogating and murdering a member of delegation. They learned of a shipment of rare artifacts and gold, leaving from Elsburg shortly, that they could hijack.

With the help of the Red Corsairs, and Beth the Blade, the heroes assaulted the guarded ship, taking out her escorts one by one, before seizing the tradeship and it’s prized bounty.

Sailing back to Brao, they were approached by a Rogusan banker by the name of Piero Bentivoglio, who offered a sizable loan of gold to the war effort.

Money Talks
Session 4: Campaign 1

With the loan from Rogusa finalized the Heroes focused on their next task, removing the blockade of Brao by Elsburg and Utiscan forces.

The negotiations began poorly, with Magister Legrand demanding a vast sum of wealth to stop their actions, as the players soon discovered this was a selfish desire, as Legrand had been disgraced at home and exiled into diplomatic work, he hoped that cementing this deal would be enough clout with the Utiscan nobles to allow him to return home.

The heroes used this to their advantage, sailing to Utisca allying with Legrand’s enemies, House Vogt. They cemented a deal behind Legrands back, elevating House Vogt into the political spotlight, but also agreeing to lead Legrand to a unfortunate demise.

With Legrand dispatched, the aided a fellow necromancer retake his labratory from an rival. They snuck through a large Strige nest, battling the undead and the Ettercap necromancer, and retaking the lab.

Going on the Offensive
Session 5: Campaign 1

The heroes decided to go onto the offensive, sailing to the mainland and being smuggled into Elsburg by Helga, a newly appointed Red Corsair.

They were smuggled into the southern area of Elsburg, meeting with a local Baron, Baron Roland. He seemed unwilling to help, and the heroes discovered that many lords and barons children or family had been taken as hostages to the Southfort castle to force their compliance.

They journeyed up into the capital of Sturgart, deciding to exterminate the the rogue Keepers, murdering a Keeper by the name of Pick, turning another Keeper by the name of Soot, and finally dispatching Lord Duval. This was followed by a spree of arsons, setting the docks, a large Rogusan bank and a dilapidated tavern ablaze.

They fled the city in the confusion, making their way to the Dragonsbridge, to discover Merrit had been tried in absentia, and found guilty. His title stripped from him and given to his mother’s new husband,

Dragonbridge Conundrum
Session 6: Campaign 1

Hearing news of Eron’s trial and conviction in absentia, they journeyed to the ancestral home of the Dragonbridge family.

They learned that the new Dragonbridge was also a Retzlund Baron, and had Eron’s mother imprisoned, while secretly keeping his own wife in her place. They also discovered that the Steward was a Keeper agent, sent to attempt to reign in the new Dragonbridge and bring stability to the region, halting the saber rattling between Retzlund and Elsburg towards Abredor.

They then journeyed into Skana, speaking with the Keepers based in the city, planning to motivate key senators to assist and prevent any invasion or military action, which the successfully managed to do. There, they also managed to recruit and hire The Whiteblades, Taymyrian mercenaries, keen to use them to free the hostages held in the southern areas of Elsburg.

Mainland Invasion.
Session 7: Campaign 1

The Keepers assembled with the loyal forces of Elsburg, as well as the forces of Brao and the Whiteblades. Together they planned for the invasion and retaking of Elsburg from Isidor.

The Whiteblades would free the hostages from Southfort. Afterwards, they would meet up with the loyal forces of the southern Barons, and meet up with the Brao forces who would land in the south. A diversionary naval attack in the north would allow the troops to land unmolested, and march into occupied Elsburg.

The Keepers and Whiteblades easily rescued the hostages, decimating the soldiers housed within. They then marched north, disguised as Isidor troops to sow confusion, damage morale and cause chaos in the enemy encampment. The battle the next day was easily won, and the Keepers fought bizarre undead honor guard defending the enemy general.

The Keepers journeyed ahead with the army, meeting Slate, and agreeing to let him leave without being attacked, in exchange, he would smuggle them into the palace to kill Isidor and stop a bloody siege. To their surprise, Isidor appeared to be a pawn of someone far more powerful, Isidor died a grisly death, coughing up volumes of blood, only to have some kind of image manifest out of it, taunting that this new enemy, Vistahd, would strike at the unprotected King, sheltered in Brao.

Saving the Kingdoms.
Session 8: Campaign 1

The Keepers, with Isidor dispatched and a meancing threat from Vistahd against the royalty in Brao, they quickly went about having the rebel forces surrender, commandeering a boat and quickly setting sail for Brao.

Terrifying makeshift, undead vessels had been forcibly beached, emptying their undead crew to fight their way through the city to Brao’s palace. Thanks to a magical message some hours ago, Klegghorn managed to flee with Therus and his mother Cilla.

The Keepers found the palace breached, with many of the palace guard and unfortunately King Rochus of Brao dead and exsanguinated. They pushed on, finding a badly injured guard who told them of a escape passage. They followed it only to emerge into a large forest fire, dozens of undead littered the forest, and they ran ahead, confronting Vistahd, killing his forces and forcing him to flee. They then attending the funeral and two coronations that followed, each by royal decree given appropriate lands and titles for their service.

They journeyed to Charhelm to coordinate with the Keepers on how to dispatch Vistahd. They found his ancestral home and confirmed suspicions that he was set on becoming a God. He was a vampire, feasting on blood from Diving Bloodlines which somehow empower him immensely. They were tasked with find artifacts from the old Eradin Empire that may be able to strip him of his power.

Continuing the Journey East
Session 9: Campaign 1

The Keepers left Duchberg, journeying into Retzlund and the capital city there. Knowing that the recently elected King was a minion of Vistahd they began planning a way to oust him from power.

They contacted the runner up, a Baron Graf, gaining his support. They also discovered an underground party scene, often raided by guards and “disappearing” locals to drunk or inebriated to fight back.

They ambushed the zombified honorguard, gruesomely ripped the undead beast out of the armor and disguising one of their own as an armored beast. They infiltrated the castle, dispatching the perverse butchers in the basement before assaulting the new king and his guards, killing them all and framing him for dark blood rituals.

They continued into Lanudox, hiring a Golden Legionnaire, travelling into the bizarre country, before settling into the capital city of Hillgarde. They spoke with their Keeper based there, an Ambassador Jormanndu, to prepare in expedition into the deserts of Rustavi.

Journey Into the Desert
Session 10: Campaign 1

The party left the capital of Hillgrade after securing a contact for a desert expedition in Skarin. They paid the Golden Legion for the services of their friendly Legionnaire, Athamus.

Knowing of his secret caches, they toyed with him, advancing in the night and eating them, or hiding him high in trees. He kept up the masquerade of the abilities of the Legion, before stopping at the borders, where they convinced him (with some gold to his superiors) to stay with them.

They journeyed into the gang-ruled city of Skarin, once a bustling trade city a century ago, it’s now a desperate place, devoted to the drug trade and salvage of valuables from the desert. They met with Phantuss, a member of the Bluebloods gang, and set up a expedition, journeying deep into the desert.

There they entered the Glittering Sea, a blasted area of glass, forbidden by the lizardfolk and found an ancient Eradin facility at it’s center. There they found the statue-entombed remains of an ancient god, and the crystalline orb they needed for their mission.

Though they were not alone, a beast of some sort had tunneled into the facility and made it part of it’s lair. The group carefully snuck through the nest, discovering a trove of valuable, ancient equipment and departed under cover of night.


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