Thesta: An Heir Denied

Wedding Crashers
Session 3: Campaign 1

The heroes attended the wedding of “Bloodeye” Blairmoor and Countess Markessel, were they met several nobles as well as an ambassador from Lanudox, Ambassador Mathias, who happened to also be a Keeper agent, along with his bodyguard.

With Mathias’ help, they were smuggled into Utisca, past the recent blockade by both Utisca & Elsburg forces. At capital of Rovena, they were tasked by Blairmoor to break into the Menagerie of Magical Beasts within the Wizard’s College and steal the famed Coatl within, only to discover the Menagerie was a farce, created by cunning wizardy and illusory magics.

Their goal of lifting the blockade was hampered by the discovery of a Elsburg delegation, intent on cementing an alliance between the Elsbrug and Utisca, led by a Keeper who had forsaken her duties, Ambassador Sabine.

She orchestrated their demise, revealing their affiliations to Elsburg, outing them as spies, and killing a fellow Keeper in charge of the local safehouse. The heroes retaliated, kidnapping, interrogating and murdering a member of delegation. They learned of a shipment of rare artifacts and gold, leaving from Elsburg shortly, that they could hijack.

With the help of the Red Corsairs, and Beth the Blade, the heroes assaulted the guarded ship, taking out her escorts one by one, before seizing the tradeship and it’s prized bounty.

Sailing back to Brao, they were approached by a Rogusan banker by the name of Piero Bentivoglio, who offered a sizable loan of gold to the war effort.

New Threats Emerge
Session 2: Campaign 1

The Keepers were once again briefed by the overworked and stressed spymaster, Ansel Agnarsen.

Mysterious ships had been sighted landing at the Ember Isle, home of the Ember Mine, a long abandoned gem mine and exploded catastrophically decades ago. Also, the new, and rapidly growing Brao army has angered the ruling nobles, as businesses reliant on workers are being lost to the army.

The trade situation continues to worsen, as Utisca, sensing weakness and noticing the divide between Elsburg and Brao, is once again attempting to strong-arm Brao into an unfair trade agreement. The heroes learned of the ambassador, Magister Legrand, had been collecting leverage and information on the seven lords currently holding seats in the House of Lords. Luckily, the heroes managed to convince the nobles, and prevent any blackmail or extortion attempts.

Lastly, they visited the Ember Isle, where they discovered Elsburgian agents training peasants in warfare, bribing the meager folk with food, wealth and a promise of adventure. They quickly dispatched the leaders of the movement, showing mercy on the townsfolk, and also discovered the true reason of the explosion. Fiery elementals, encased in magical crystal, constantly repairs by crystalline automatons.

A Meeting in Brao.
Session 1: Campaign 1

The Keeper agents arrived in Brao to speak to Ansel Agnarsen, the King-in-exile’s new spymaster. He was briefed by the Keeper organization as to their overall purpose and mission, and met with them, letting them know what Brao and the King-in-exile needs to have any hope of reclaiming the throne.

Deciding to deal with the most urgent and pressing threats, the two pirate bands hired by a mysterious Mathias, they weaved and negotiated the Red Corsairs into a mutually fortuitous agreement. He would join Brao, along with his captains and crew in exchange for noble status, land and a marriage.

The other band was dealt with much more aggressively and overtly. They boarded the large man o’ war vessel, freeing their companion agents that had been captured leaving Elsburg, set it ablaze, stranding the pirate crew on the beach while they slipped away back to The King’s Gambit.


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