Thesta: An Heir Denied

Saving the Kingdoms.

Session 8: Campaign 1

The Keepers, with Isidor dispatched and a meancing threat from Vistahd against the royalty in Brao, they quickly went about having the rebel forces surrender, commandeering a boat and quickly setting sail for Brao.

Terrifying makeshift, undead vessels had been forcibly beached, emptying their undead crew to fight their way through the city to Brao’s palace. Thanks to a magical message some hours ago, Klegghorn managed to flee with Therus and his mother Cilla.

The Keepers found the palace breached, with many of the palace guard and unfortunately King Rochus of Brao dead and exsanguinated. They pushed on, finding a badly injured guard who told them of a escape passage. They followed it only to emerge into a large forest fire, dozens of undead littered the forest, and they ran ahead, confronting Vistahd, killing his forces and forcing him to flee. They then attending the funeral and two coronations that followed, each by royal decree given appropriate lands and titles for their service.

They journeyed to Charhelm to coordinate with the Keepers on how to dispatch Vistahd. They found his ancestral home and confirmed suspicions that he was set on becoming a God. He was a vampire, feasting on blood from Diving Bloodlines which somehow empower him immensely. They were tasked with find artifacts from the old Eradin Empire that may be able to strip him of his power.


Mechayahiko Poxworm

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