Thesta: An Heir Denied

Peacekeepers of the Realm

Session 11: Campaign 1

They group met back up with the expedition, lying to Phantuss about obtaining the crystal, they began their journey back, running into Slate, his men and an expedition led by the Wasp gang. Under disguise, they learned he was working alone, also looking for the orb, and after revealing themselves, learned that he believed it was his only way to restore his place in the order, and prevent his death by the Seventh hunting him.

They lied about their retrieval of the artifact, but allowed him to accompany them. Journeying back to Skarin, sneaking past the watchful eyes of the Seventh, before journeying north to Rouen, where they alerted the Keepers to Slate’s deal, the orb for his return to the order.

They spoke to the King of Santonge, Galliard, famed for being a direct descendant from the Rhoan Divine Bloodline. They alerted him to Vistahd’s threat and goal, while also learning of disappearing livestock in the northern ranch lands.

Thinking it to potentially be a coven or front for one of Vistahd’s operations, they went north, discovering a bizarre cult, worshiping a Drake and a Tiefling pair, drinking the drug and blood infused cocktail as part of a ritual.

They learned that she, along with the other members, were outcast orphans of farmers. Families would abandon the sickly, or malformed to the forest to die. Demanding revenge they had planned to attack the villages as acts of vengeance.

The party managed to avert bloodshed, ushering the cult north, and convincing them to abandon their quest for vengeance, while also preventing them from being massacred by far superior royal soldiers.

Lastly, they journeyed north, meeting with Keeper representatives, to strike a deal with Slate. They traded the orb, for Slate’s return to the Keepers, though the group was given an ultimatum, that should he betray the order once again, all lives would be forfeit.


Mechayahiko Poxworm

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