Thesta: An Heir Denied

Mainland Invasion.

Session 7: Campaign 1

The Keepers assembled with the loyal forces of Elsburg, as well as the forces of Brao and the Whiteblades. Together they planned for the invasion and retaking of Elsburg from Isidor.

The Whiteblades would free the hostages from Southfort. Afterwards, they would meet up with the loyal forces of the southern Barons, and meet up with the Brao forces who would land in the south. A diversionary naval attack in the north would allow the troops to land unmolested, and march into occupied Elsburg.

The Keepers and Whiteblades easily rescued the hostages, decimating the soldiers housed within. They then marched north, disguised as Isidor troops to sow confusion, damage morale and cause chaos in the enemy encampment. The battle the next day was easily won, and the Keepers fought bizarre undead honor guard defending the enemy general.

The Keepers journeyed ahead with the army, meeting Slate, and agreeing to let him leave without being attacked, in exchange, he would smuggle them into the palace to kill Isidor and stop a bloody siege. To their surprise, Isidor appeared to be a pawn of someone far more powerful, Isidor died a grisly death, coughing up volumes of blood, only to have some kind of image manifest out of it, taunting that this new enemy, Vistahd, would strike at the unprotected King, sheltered in Brao.


Mechayahiko Poxworm

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