Thesta: An Heir Denied

Dragonbridge Conundrum

Session 6: Campaign 1

Hearing news of Eron’s trial and conviction in absentia, they journeyed to the ancestral home of the Dragonbridge family.

They learned that the new Dragonbridge was also a Retzlund Baron, and had Eron’s mother imprisoned, while secretly keeping his own wife in her place. They also discovered that the Steward was a Keeper agent, sent to attempt to reign in the new Dragonbridge and bring stability to the region, halting the saber rattling between Retzlund and Elsburg towards Abredor.

They then journeyed into Skana, speaking with the Keepers based in the city, planning to motivate key senators to assist and prevent any invasion or military action, which the successfully managed to do. There, they also managed to recruit and hire The Whiteblades, Taymyrian mercenaries, keen to use them to free the hostages held in the southern areas of Elsburg.


Mechayahiko Poxworm

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