Tytus Kowalski

Tytus Kowalski


St: 18
Con: 17
Dex: 12
Int: 11
Wis: 8
Cha: 11

HP: 33
AC: 17
PD: 13
MD: 10
INIT: +5 (reroll)
Recoveries 9 (1d10 +5)

Adalbert Brodowski 1
Legion of Taymyr: 1

Taymyr warrior: 4
Stonemason: 3
Farmer: 1

Improved Initiative
Power attack

Extra Tough

Heavy warrior
Tough as iron
power attack

Grim intent
carve an opening
defensive fighting


Born Lucyna to ethnic Taymyrs in the northern part of Karabakh, Lucyna was exceptionally tomboyish. She preferred very much to dress and act like a boy. Her parents, farmers, allowed this mostly because it wasn’t that unusual given the rough nature of life in frontier.

At age 6, Lucyna had a misfortune to be near a group of Taymyrish mercenaries, returning after fighting further in the south. Although it was not common to take slave warriors (Wojownik) from more civilized people, a corporal drugged what he assumed was a small boy, intending to use Lucyna as a page. He carried her far north into Taymyr. When her presence was discovered, the corporal was disciplined, but it was decided that they had come too far to return Lucyna and she was branded as a slave. It caused some consternation when her real gender was discovered, but she’d already been branded, so it was decided to leave her as such.

The Wojownik of Taymyr were made up of children taken in cross-border raids from the Balwandar of Ale-Alatau and children bought from slave markets. Lucyna was raised according to the strict discipline the Taymyr used to keep these children in line. She learned swordplay, the art of stonemasonry for the secure homes the Taymyr constructed, and the small-squad guerilla tactics the Taymyr used to survive in the face of the stronger Balwandar.

However, Lucyna grew increasingly unhappy. For all that she felt like one of her fellow Wojownik, they treated her differently. By the time she and her fellows entered their teens, she had to get very good at fighting off boys in the dark of the stone barracks, not always successfully. That made her even more dissatisfied with her form.

By the time she was 18, Lucyna had taken part in numerous cross-border skirmishes and acquitted herself well. Shortly after she turned 21, she was involved in gathering intelligence that indicated a major Balwandar attack on Taymyr, far larger than the usual skirmishes. A strong leader had united several tribes and was preparing to lead them south.

The news attracted the attention of Adalbert Brodowski, a Keeper of the Shield who worked in Taymyr. He gathered a handpicked squad and set out to assassinate the leader. He decided to include Lucyna. The attempt was a disaster and managed only to wound the leader. The squad was captured, but the leader later succumbed to infection, and Lucyna and Adalbert escaped in the confusion, the only ones from the squad to escape.

Recognizing her talent, Adalbert offered Lucyna the opportunity to become a Keeper. She was initially reluctant to leave the known situation of the Wojownik, for she had grown comfortable with following orders, no matter how she was taken advantage of. It was when Adalbert told her that she could re-make herself as she saw fit that she changed her mind.

Adopting the name Tytus and choosing to live as a man, Lucyna travelled with Adalbert to Charhelm, accompanying him on several occasions and eventually becoming his lover.

Tytus is a capable warrior, well versed in small unit tactics, guerrilla warfare, and very skilled with a sword and shield. However, he is still uncomfortable when operating by himself, and can be threatened or intimidated by groups of men his own age. Ever since he left Charhelm, he’s been accompanied by a fluffy white cat, which refuses to come too near to him, but is often seen lurking around him, no matter where he is.

Tytus Kowalski

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