Reckless barbarian, banished Valkyr.


Sigri Ylvadottir, or Tread as she is now known by, is a tall, athletically built woman. She has messy blonde hair, incredibly pale blue eyes, and two massive scars on her back shoulder blades were her wings used to be. She is a reckless fighter, fighting with murderous abandon, and will not back down from an actual, or perceived slight to her character or honor. Fervent and intense, her emotions often get the better of her.

Sigri grew up in the far northern province of Javashi, a member of the Valkyr. She lived there for nearly 15 years, training as a proud warrior and fighting with her people. She was a granddaughter of the elderly Clan Mother, her aunt was heir, and her mother was a skilled smith. Most villagers liked her, and she showed great future potential.

That changed, when Ylva, her mother, began to hunger for power. Though she was a capable warrior, she had no chance of beating her only sister, the heir to becoming Clan Mother, in a duel and claiming that right. This consumed her, driven by jealousy, it turned into an obsession, until one night she made her way into her sister’s room under the cover of night and killed her. The village was shocked by the death, though death was commonplace in duels, cold-blooded murder, with the victim defenceless, was viewed as a cowardly, heinous crime. A braid of Ylva’s was found in the dead woman’s home, ripped from Ylva’s head during the struggle. She and her daughter, Sigri were to be banished.

Banishment within the Valkyr is brutal. While imprisoned, their home was demolished, their belongings and what remained of their home turned into a ramshackle raft by the grieving victim’s family. Then both Ylva and Sigri’s wings were forcibly amputated in the village square, before the two exiles were lowered to the beach and cast out into the sea on the raft fashioned from their home and belongings.

Sigri and her mother drifted across the sea, landing in Ale-Alatau, surviving as best they could. Ylva died tragically, buying time for Sigri to escape when Balwundar attacked their camp only 4 months after their exile. She roamed the wilds for nearly a year after that, barely eking out an existence.

Sofia, a Seventh agent, tracking a Keeper who had fled into the northern wilds, discovered her. Sigri was malnourished and wracked by fever in the cold wilds, nearly dead. Sigri was taken back with to Charhelm were she was trained as an agent of the Seventh. Her young age, along with the desperation to succeed, to prove to both others and herself, that she was still capable despite her banishment and mutilation drove her to excellence.

Over the next decade she became somewhat infamous within the Seventh. She lacked the subtlety and nuance of skilled espionage, but was an incredibly effective, albeit bloody and messy instrument, tracking down and eliminating many rogue agents or potential risks that needed to be removed.



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