Therus Agnarsen

Sorcerer-King of Elsburg


The solitary child of the union between Cilla Stendahl and the late king of Elsburg, Konrad Agnarsen. Current ruler-in-exile of Elsburg.

Therus is a smart, passionate man, he was only 12 years old when he ascended the throne of Elsburg. The beginning of his reign was tumultuous, he narrowly avoided an assassination attempt against him and his mother, thanks to the Keepers. His uncle overthrew him in a coup temporarily, before being killed and Therus taking his rightful place as King once again.

Therus, now having ruled Elsburg for 5 years, has grown into a suitable monarch, with the careful teachings of the Keepers and other scholars. He has learned to control his magic gift quickly, and is currently dealing with the tense, multi-faceted political situation in Elsburg.


Therus Agnarsen

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