Tenebron Mestaar

A zealot who wields the power of the Old Gods to remake the world


(Work in Progress)

Tenebron is a zealot, loyal to the cause of the Keepers to a fault, and will do whatever is necessary in the name of what (he feels) is right. First to the fight, and always found on the front lines of any conflict, either in war or politics, Tenebron believes in remaking the world by force if necessary, and ware any who stands on the opposite side of the conflict.

While usually pursuing the route of least compromise, Tenebron understands that sometimes negotiation is necessary, albeit rarely. It often falls on the shoulders of his companions to keep Tenebron’s anger in check in dealing with those who run counter to his mission.

The Keepers were initially drawn to Tenebron’s vigilantism, a personal crusade carried out across the kingdom smiting (quite literally) anyone Tenebron saw as evil or corrupt. Under the tutelage of the Sword, his skills, both magical and martial, were honed to a fearsome edge. Now, Tenebron wields those gifts to aid the Sword’s causes across the kingdom.


Tenebron Mestaar

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