Kyra Rodekin


Kyra grew up in the ruined outskirts of Ruvergne, where the desert sands brush up against the edges of civilization. The city she was from, if you could call it that, was known as the Hive. Long ago it was one of the most prosperous and diverse cities in the land. Now it’s a dense, choking tangle of humanity and makeshift homes, a place well known for harboring the pitiless, the criminal, the outcasts and the destitute.

Her mother fit into a few of these categories, and taught her how to survive by any means necessary. Her father was never spoken of. Her kin have been around since before the collapse, and were often ostracized and seen as bad omens. They were right of course, as being near one usually meant your purse will quickly become lighter than it would be otherwise.

Always impulsive and impatient, Kyra has a talent for getting herself into and out of trouble on a regular basis. Life in the Hive taught her that you can’t afford to wait for an opportunity to pass you by. After her mother fell ill, Kyra left to find a better life for herself outside of the Hive.

Kyra spent years moving from place to place, exploring the world and doing what was necessary to survive. It was surprisingly easy compared to the life she once had. The people out here were soft, and gullible. Most recently, she attempted to steal from a prominent nobleman. She was caught, much to her surprise, but he was impressed and offered her a position as a ‘Keeper’. She was intrigued by this mysterious group, and wondered what they might have to offer. Not willing to pass up that opportunity, she signed up immediately.

Kyra Rodekin

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