Bram Stoker


Bram was born in the town of something-or-other in Rustavi, which is long gone now, before the fall of the empire in Thesta. At a young age he was taken in by a small sect and taught in the ways of necromancy. This has had the unfortunate effect of greatly extending his life span, at the cost of his physical stature. He lived and trained in the death jungles of Rustavi until his maturity and manhood before setting off into the world on a quest for knowledge.

In his early searches he encountered the empire which was a bustling hive of activity and information. He quickly applied for a position working with the central library, investigating the arcane, with a certain bent for the arts of those no longer living. Here he was noticed by the guild and recruited into the branch known as the Tome, keepers of ancient artifacts from the first empire.

During his tenure as a part of the tome he worked his way through the ranks of the librarians and ingrained himself in the dusty manuscripts and forbidden archives. Sacrificing much of his other memories, Bram has memorized the layout of the library and the location of each item, tome, and manuscript held within, spending close to one hundred years within those walls.

Recently, Bram has begun to wonder the purpose and validity of hiding this knowledge away where it could never be used by those who could need it as the land has become more and more fractured. This thinking did not go unnoticed by those in the Quill branch of the Keepers and in a fairly unprecedented move in the knowledge wing of the guild, he was recruited to join the more active ranks. He was placed as an overseer of a warehouse dedicated to agents moving arcane items and documents between outposts and the main guild hall.


Bram Stoker

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