Thesta: An Heir Denied

Money Talks

Session 4: Campaign 1

With the loan from Rogusa finalized the Heroes focused on their next task, removing the blockade of Brao by Elsburg and Utiscan forces.

The negotiations began poorly, with Magister Legrand demanding a vast sum of wealth to stop their actions, as the players soon discovered this was a selfish desire, as Legrand had been disgraced at home and exiled into diplomatic work, he hoped that cementing this deal would be enough clout with the Utiscan nobles to allow him to return home.

The heroes used this to their advantage, sailing to Utisca allying with Legrand’s enemies, House Vogt. They cemented a deal behind Legrands back, elevating House Vogt into the political spotlight, but also agreeing to lead Legrand to a unfortunate demise.

With Legrand dispatched, the aided a fellow necromancer retake his labratory from an rival. They snuck through a large Strige nest, battling the undead and the Ettercap necromancer, and retaking the lab.


Mechayahiko Poxworm

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