Thesta: An Heir Denied

Journey Into the Desert

Session 10: Campaign 1

The party left the capital of Hillgrade after securing a contact for a desert expedition in Skarin. They paid the Golden Legion for the services of their friendly Legionnaire, Athamus.

Knowing of his secret caches, they toyed with him, advancing in the night and eating them, or hiding him high in trees. He kept up the masquerade of the abilities of the Legion, before stopping at the borders, where they convinced him (with some gold to his superiors) to stay with them.

They journeyed into the gang-ruled city of Skarin, once a bustling trade city a century ago, it’s now a desperate place, devoted to the drug trade and salvage of valuables from the desert. They met with Phantuss, a member of the Bluebloods gang, and set up a expedition, journeying deep into the desert.

There they entered the Glittering Sea, a blasted area of glass, forbidden by the lizardfolk and found an ancient Eradin facility at it’s center. There they found the statue-entombed remains of an ancient god, and the crystalline orb they needed for their mission.

Though they were not alone, a beast of some sort had tunneled into the facility and made it part of it’s lair. The group carefully snuck through the nest, discovering a trove of valuable, ancient equipment and departed under cover of night.


Mechayahiko Poxworm

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