Thesta: An Heir Denied

Going on the Offensive

Session 5: Campaign 1

The heroes decided to go onto the offensive, sailing to the mainland and being smuggled into Elsburg by Helga, a newly appointed Red Corsair.

They were smuggled into the southern area of Elsburg, meeting with a local Baron, Baron Roland. He seemed unwilling to help, and the heroes discovered that many lords and barons children or family had been taken as hostages to the Southfort castle to force their compliance.

They journeyed up into the capital of Sturgart, deciding to exterminate the the rogue Keepers, murdering a Keeper by the name of Pick, turning another Keeper by the name of Soot, and finally dispatching Lord Duval. This was followed by a spree of arsons, setting the docks, a large Rogusan bank and a dilapidated tavern ablaze.

They fled the city in the confusion, making their way to the Dragonsbridge, to discover Merrit had been tried in absentia, and found guilty. His title stripped from him and given to his mother’s new husband,


Mechayahiko Poxworm

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