Thesta: An Heir Denied

Continuing the Journey East

Session 9: Campaign 1

The Keepers left Duchberg, journeying into Retzlund and the capital city there. Knowing that the recently elected King was a minion of Vistahd they began planning a way to oust him from power.

They contacted the runner up, a Baron Graf, gaining his support. They also discovered an underground party scene, often raided by guards and “disappearing” locals to drunk or inebriated to fight back.

They ambushed the zombified honorguard, gruesomely ripped the undead beast out of the armor and disguising one of their own as an armored beast. They infiltrated the castle, dispatching the perverse butchers in the basement before assaulting the new king and his guards, killing them all and framing him for dark blood rituals.

They continued into Lanudox, hiring a Golden Legionnaire, travelling into the bizarre country, before settling into the capital city of Hillgarde. They spoke with their Keeper based there, an Ambassador Jormanndu, to prepare in expedition into the deserts of Rustavi.


Mechayahiko Poxworm

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