Thesta: An Heir Denied

A Journey North

Session 12: Campaign 1

With Slate’s assistance and contacts, the Keepers were able to learn of a Eradin ruin far, far to the north. Deep into Ale-Alatau, home of the fanatical Balwundar.

The met the Commander of Thornwall and the Taymyrish forces, as well as a Keeper by the name of Adalbert. There they gathered supplies for the long trek north. It took them nearly 3 weeks, skirting the Balwundar scouts, as well as visiting various homesteads and frontier posts close to the border.

They eventually made their way to the northern swamps, home to a race of humanoids called the Bog Lords. Driven from their ancestral lands thousands of years ago by the Balwundar, they took refuge in the swamp, learning the ways of druidic magic, and using it and the swamps natural defenses to protect themselves. The Keepers found they were a peaceful people, living in harmony with nature, yearning for a large home to gather all the disorganized tribes together, live under The Great Tree and become one people, united.

The Keepers quickly discovered this Great Tree had overgrown the ancient Eradin complex housing the God Orb they desperately needed. They journeyed there, to discover ancient wards and defense mechanisms, along with still functioning automatons were protecting it from intruders.

The patrolled the outer wall, finding a breach caused by the trees massive roots, quickly dispatched the automaton defenders and infiltrated inside. They found more notes and research pertaining the the Eradin Empire’s mad quest for the energy of the gods, and quickly retrieved the orb, not without difficulty as the tree, mutated by the Orb’s energy attacked while they ripped out the Orb.

With a magical seal of a long dead Grand Magister, they ordered the automatons to travel with them and protect them on their journey home, eventually returning to Thornwall, and gifting the automatons to both The Keepers and the Taymyrish forces there, in the defense of the continent.

They left and ventured back to Charhelm, meeting their old Drake cult “friends” and were briefed to the function and use of the God Orbs. They were also told of a possible way to discover the hidden lair of Vistahd, but would need something immensely powerful. Dragon blood.


Mechayahiko Poxworm

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